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    • Zhengjing DongGeneral Principal

      General Principal

      Zhengjing Dong

      Zhengjing Dong is a former principal of Nanjing Foreign Language School and a well-regarded school principal in the city of Nanjing. He was one of the first recipients of an award for expertise in basic education in Nanjing. He is recognised as an expert in accreditation for schools for children of foreign personnel by the National Centre for School Curriculum and Textbook Development in the Ministry of Education.
      Mr Dong was named ‘National Outstanding Teacher’ by the Chinese Ministry of Education, a ‘Special Honoured English Teacher’ by Jiangsu Province.

      He is also:
      Assistant Professor in English Language Teaching, Jiangsu Province
      Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu Society of Education
      Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Language Education of Nanjing
      ‘Young and Middle-Aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions’ awarded in Nanjing
      ‘Young and Middle-aged Individual of Top Talent’ awarded in Nanjing.

    • Maode ShenChinese Principal

      Chinese Principal

      Maode Shen

      Maode Shen is the former principal of Jiangsu Tianyi High School.
      In 2017, he was one of just 10 recipients of the ‘National Model in Education and Cultivating Talents’ award, as well as named a ‘National Model Worker’. Mr Shen was one of the first in Jiangsu province to be conferred the title of ‘Professor-level Master Teacher’.
      He serves as vice chair of the Society for Cultivating Innovators (SCI) and vice chair of the National Talented Specialty Committee of Chinese Talents Society.
      Additionally, he is a professor with the Principal Training Centre, under the charge of the Chinese Ministry of Education, a professor at Jiangnan University and a postgraduate tutor at Nanjing Normal University. A prominent figure in the basic education in China, Mr Shen won the first prize when the National Basic Education Awards were introduced.

    • Peter Derby-CrookDirector of Education

      Director of Education

      Peter Derby-Crook

      Mr. Peter Derby-Crook, an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a successful history of leading prestigious international schools, is no stranger to the community of DSAS. Peter joined Dipont in 2019 as the Director of Academic Management to supervise and support the academic management of the high school centers and the K-12 independent schools. The work in the role has offered Peter a unique opportunity to understand the school at a very intimate level and to have an existing collegial relation with the teachers and the leaders at DSAS. Such advantages will make the transition seamless.

      Before joining Dipont, Peter was Vice President in charge of education at GEMS, the largest education group in the world. Prior to his post at GEMS, Peter had led 7 prestigious schools in various countries, including Tanglin Trust School in Singapore, the British International School Jakarta, the British School in Tokyo, the British School Muscat and others. Looking ahead, we are very fortunate to be able to rely on the breadth and depth of Peter’s experience and his excellent leadership in the school’s pursuit of greater excellence.

    • James Mc CroryDeputy Principal (Whole School)

      Deputy Principal (Whole School)

      James Mc Crory

      James graduated with a BA (Hons) from Demontfort University in 1988 and after working for in the Design field in Ireland, UK and Spain). In 1994 after completing a PGCE at Goldsmith’s College, London James qualified as a teacher and has worked in education since, including 22 years in international education in Spain, Japan, Kuwait as well as leading several schools in China over the last 8 years. His most recent role was Head of School at Changchun American International School.

      James is highly passionate about international education and has obtained post graduate Masters degrees in Education from both the University of Oxford and the University of Bath, as well as multiple courses with the IBO, the Principals Training Centre and the Harvard School of Education amongst others. He has also been actively involved with international educational organizations, including experience of international school accreditation by serving on CIS and NEASC Visiting Teams and as Head of School. His previous school received a highly positive report with many commendations for the Pre Evaluation. James has also worked for the IBO as an IB Diploma Examiner and Moderator when he was Director of The Arts at Yokohama International School.

      James met his wife who is Chinese whilst in Japan. Xuxia is also a teacher and they have two Primary-aged children, a son and daughter, who are fully bilingual and will also be joining DSAS. James is a strong believer in a holistic education experience that allows students to develop an appropriate range of soft skills to successfully mature and grow emotionally, socially as well as academically. Throughout the years he has remained a keen proponent of the Arts and he also has continued to use his own creative talents by contributing to designs for schools over the years for facilities, websites, merchandising and publications, as well as designing and organizing major events. A keen footballer and snowboarder until several years ago, injuries led James to switch to change his routine and his past time are working-out and baking.

      James and his family are all very excited to join the community at DSAS Wuxi.

    • Amy Loveday-HuHead of Kindergarten

      Head of Kindergarten

      Amy Loveday-Hu

      Amy Loveday-Hu is an experienced head of kindergarten and elementary. Prior to joining Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, she led a well-respected dual immersion international kindergarten and elementary school in Beijing, which catered for both local and international families.

      Her teaching experience of over 17 years includes nursery, pre-school and kindergarten classroom teaching with a music specialism, practised both in China and the United Kingdom.

      Amy feels strongly that initial school experiences are a particularly sensitive and important period for every child. It is during these years that key social and emotional skills and effective learning characteristics are developed alongside a strong sense of safety and belonging. Within a China setting, Amy’s fluency in English and Chinese enables her to engage meaningfully with all staff and families to effectively support for success at school during these sensitive years. She believes that strong communication pathways between home and school ensure positive school experiences for all. Her Masters of Education focused on leadership, particularly supporting multicultural learning communities such as that of Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science. Her daughter, Constance, joined Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science in Grade 5 in 2018.

    • Leaf ZhangHead of Primary School

      Head of Primary School

      Leaf Zhang

      Leaf Zhang has two masters degrees – one in education management from East China Normal University and the other in education pedagogy (PGCE) from the University of Nottingham, in the United Kingdom.

      Leaf has over 20 years’ teaching experience with the students aged 5 to 16 years old and has worked as the head of both Shanghai United International School and Ningbo HD Bilingual School. Her philosophy on education is ‘without love, there is no education’ and she treats all her students as if they were her own children.

    • Stefan SjodinHead of Secondary School

      Head of Secondary School

      Stefan Sjodin

      Stefan Sjodin first arrived in China in 2011. He is a very experienced educational leader and has previously worked at Jiaoda Fuzhong in Shanghai and Renda Fuzhong in Beijing, as well as for Dipont Education in Shanghai.

      He is a truly international educator and has held school posts in Sweden, England, Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia. He has worked as an examiner for the AQA examination board in England, and he is currently an examiner for the IBO. Outside of schools, Stefan has worked with organisations such as the Malaysian Ministry of Education and China Online Education Group.

      He grew up and attended secondary education in Sweden. He has completed studies at Stockholm University in Sweden and the University of Southampton in England. He has also completed masters-level courses at the School of Education at Harvard University in the USA.

      Outside of education, Stefan is a licensed sea captain and a sergeant in the Swedish First Royal Cavalry.

    • Fiona YouHead of Finance and Administration

      Head of Finance and Administration

      Fiona You

      Fiona You graduated from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom in 2003 with a masters degree in education. After working in the UK for four years, she returned to her hometown of Wuxi to work as a lecturer at the School of Foreign Students at Jiangnan University. A year later she left to join Dipont Education, becoming responsible for the international curriculum centre at Wuxi No. 1 Middle School in 2008. Currently, Fiona is responsible for finance and administration at the AP curriculum centre at Tianyi High School, the A-level and IB curriculum centres at Wuxi No. 1 Middle School, and the A-level curriculum center at Nanjing Senior High School of Jiangyin. She also is responsible for Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science and Yinghe Bilingual School.

      Fiona is also a qualified college counselling teacher, accredited by the University of California, Los Angeles, supporting many students through course choices and college applications. She has visited many universities in different countries and participated in various industry conferences at home and abroad, giving her an understanding of education systems overseas.

    • Hailing WuDeputy Head of Kindergarten

      Deputy Head of Kindergarten

      Hailing Wu

      Hailing Wu has worked in international and comparative education for over a decade. Before joining Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, she was director of teaching and learning for seven years at an international school that runs a distinctive English/Chinese dual immersion programme for both kindergarten and elementary students in Beijing. She received her doctorate (PhD) in curriculum and instruction from Michigan State University .

      Hailing views each child as a unique and whole individual and strives to support his/her individual development. She believes in the power of active learning and that children learn best when engaged in multisensory experiences and hands-on enquiries. She also explores cooking, outdoor learning and other similar activities with young children as part of their co-curricular experiences.

      Hailing is excited to be part of Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, because it supports children’s bilingual and intercultural learning through a variety of rigorous programmes and highly qualified professionals.

    • Sophia MorlingPastoral Assistant Head for the Primary School

      Pastoral Assistant Head for the Primary School

      Sophia Morling

      Sophia went to Leeds University, UK in 1996 to read Music Technology from which she graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree. Sophia is an experienced performer and holds grade 8 singing and advanced level voice qualifications from the Royal School of Music. She also has drama qualifications from the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and was a junior opera performer for the English National Opera where she was employed in various operas at the London Coliseum Opera House and The Palace Theatre, including a tour to Germany.After working for eight years in TV and Radio management roles in central London, including the BBC, Sophia moved to Dubai with her family and began a new career in Education. At that time, Sophia had a particular interest in early childhood education and qualified to become an Early Years Educator. Studies included understanding the comprehensive knowledge of the role and responsibilities of working with children, understanding of the care required to work with young children and knowledge that children’s well-being is paramount at all times.Sophia and her family moved to France where she accepted a teaching post at an International Bilingual School in Montpellier. During this time, Sophia studied her Masters level Post Graduate Certificate in Education with Buckingham University. Her studies enabled her to frequently visit the UK during her practice to collaborate and work with teachers and lecturers from top UK independent day and boarding schools where discussions covered the latest practices and research in teaching and learning, pastoral care and special educational needs. Sophia worked as curriculum coordinator for English, Music and Science across the primary school in addition to teaching English subjects to French students. Sophia was also involved in planning overseas school visits to the UK where she was responsible for the onsite education, care and welfare of students.
      Sophia joined DSAS in August 2018 as a Homeroom Teacher and was responsible for planning and delivering the online English curriculum to Grade 1 students during the covid pandemic. In 2019, Sophia was promoted to English Coordinator of the Bilingual Primary school where she is responsible for managing the routine operation of both staff and curriculum within the Bilingual Primary English section.

      In August 2021, in addition to leading the English curriculum, Sophia is thrilled to be appointed Assistant Head, Pastoral for the Bilingual Primary School where she will also be responsible for developing and implementing the pastoral care program.

      “As educators, it is our duty to ensure the physical, social and emotional welfare of pupils. It is the essential foundation upon which learning can take place. At DSAS, we are a world class community aspiring to excellence which includes promoting a high standard of pastoral care, further than a basic commitment to welfare. Our pastoral care extends to every aspect of school life in order to foster pupils’ personal development as much as their academic progress. Our core values – respect (敬), compassion (仁), honesty (诚), collaboration (合作) and personal responsibility (责任) all contribute to a positive school culture that puts the wellbeing of students and staff at the forefront of everything we do.”

      Sophia will continue her studies in September where she will embark on a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management with Buckingham University.

      Sophia still enjoys performing and is a key member of the school musical CCA in addition to embracing Chinese culture by learning to play the Erhu and read Chinese music.

    • Jessica BoultonAcademic Assistant Head for the Primary School

      Academic Assistant Head for the Primary School

      Jessica Boulton

      Jessica Boulton has worked as Head of Year in our DSAS Kindergarten since the founding year. Her strong belief in a student-centered approach to education actively represents the core values of DSAS.

      Jessica graduated from University in Manchester gaining qualified teacher status in primary education, with a specialism in primary mathematics. She has previously taught in upper primary within an ‘outstanding’ rated UK school, working closely with leadership to ensure the teaching and learning taking place maintained consistently high standards across the school. As Head of Department within an independent school in Manchester, Jessica focused her attention on lower primary and the EYFS curriculum development, leading moderation to ensure final gradings were consistently applied and were a fair and accurate representation of pupil’s achievements.

      ‘I am delighted to be working with the committed teaching team to ensure all learners have the opportunity to flourish in our environment. With my own children attending DSAS ensuring academic excellence is both a professional and a personal obligation.’

      Jessica looks forward to supporting all students within Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science with their development and progression across and throughout the school.

    • Yin XiePastoral Assistant Head for the Lower Secondary School

      Pastoral Assistant Head for the Lower Secondary School

      Yin Xie

      Ms.Yin Xie got her Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai International Studies University, majoring in English Language and Literature. She got her first Master’s degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Teaching and Learning. Her second Master’s degree is from Harvard University in Human Development and Psychology. In the past 10 years, Yin worked at St. Paul’s School, an elite boarding school in Concord, NH, U.S. She was a full-time foreign language teacher and advisor at St. Paul’s. She was well-loved by students and colleagues at SPS.

      Yin joined DSAS in November 2021 as Assistant Head (Pastoral) of Lower Secondary School. She is committed to building a fair, kind and responsible community.

      Yin was born and raised in Wuxi. She is glad to come back to her hometown and contributes to the international education here.

    • Erin ChristensenAcademic Assistant Head for the Lower Secondary School and Head of Modern Foreign Languages

      Academic Assistant Head for the Lower Secondary School and Head of Modern Foreign Languages

      Erin Christensen

      Erin Christensen is a global-minded leader and educator with 15+ years of experience teaching and lecturing in International School and University settings in China and the USA.

      Mr Christensen graduated from California State University, Chico in 2003 with a BA in International Relations and a BA in French while also enjoying courses in other subjects ranging from computer science to nutrition to anthropology. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland, UK.

      In 2005, Erin moved to China where he accepted his first teaching post as a lecturer at Beijing University of Science and Technology. Since then, Erin has developed his exposure in International education settings across China and was Head of the English Department at Nanjing Foreign Language School’s International Centre, in addition to teaching Cambridge IGCSE and IB courses to students for 4 years. In 2018, he joined Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science as a founding member of staff and is responsible for aligning the English program as Head of Department.

      ‘I am a strong supporter of cross curricular teaching and learning, and firmly believe in the application of knowledge learned. Learning multiple languages provide filters for the world: they can help open doors and help understand the world communities our students will soon enter.’

      As a native of Northern California, Erin is quite enamored with the natural environment and enjoys the great outdoors. His hobbies include gardening, soccer (football) and trail running. When unable to escape into nature, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading literature and philosophy and from time to time dabbles in computer programming.

    • Mandy WangPastoral Assistant Head for the Upper Secondary School

      Pastoral Assistant Head for the Upper Secondary School

      Mandy Wang

      Mandy Wang is starting her 14th year in International Education. She began her career as college counselor and language training teacher after graduating with her first master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2007. During the following 14 years, as college counselors and deputy principals of student life, Mandy was dedicated to provide students best possible opportunities out of classroom, in their everyday school life, to prepare students as lifelong learners who can master the 21 century challenges. During this time, she also received her second Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Management.

      Mandy is a dedicated lifelong learner and is excited to join DSAS in August, 2021 as Assistant Head (Pastoral) of Upper Secondary School. Her vision is to create a learning and living community at DSAS with all stakeholders, and to best support students’ learning and developing opportunities.

      On a personal note, Mandy has two cute dogs, a 10-year-old border collie and a 5-year-old corgi.

    • Samuel JonesAcademic Assistant Head for the Upper Secondary School and Head of Mathematics

      Academic Assistant Head for the Upper Secondary School and Head of Mathematics

      Samuel Jones

      Sam Jones, the new Academic Assistant Head for the Upper Secondary School, has been working at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science since its foundation in 2018. Mr. Jones has been Head of Mathematics at DSAS for the past three years, and has also held other positions including Head of Bowen House, Pastoral Coordinator (G9-12) and ICC Academic Coordinator. Mr. Jones has been teaching in China since 2011, spending two years as Head of Mathematics at our partner school, Nanjing Foreign Language School, before joining DSAS.

      Mr. Jones has a first-class honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Liverpool, as well as a PGCE and Masters in Education (Distinction) from the University of Sunderland. Mr. Jones has settled well into life in Wuxi, where he enjoys cycling around the scenic routes by the Taihu wetlands on weekends.

      Mr. Jones holds a strong passion for Mathematics, and believes that Mathematics should not be kept to the classroom but is best enjoyed when brought to life! He has been central to the organization of several school events, including the annual Pi Day House activities, Maths project weeks in both the International and Bilingual schools, as well as the Mathematician of the Month awards for every grade level. Furthermore, Mr. Jones enjoys encouraging students to enter international Mathematics competitions, and as such the school runs the University of Waterloo contests and AMC events every year, and take 2 teams to Suzhou every February to enter the Asian High School Team Maths competition. In his new role as the Academic Assistant Head for Upper Secondary, Mr. Jones intends on working with other departments to promote similar events across multiple subject areas.

    • Michael SmithDirector of Co-Curricular Education and Head of Physical Education

      Director of Co-Curricular Education and Head of Physical Education

      Michael Smith

      Michael graduated in 2009 with a degree in Human Movement (K-12 Health and Physical Education). After a number of years, teaching Health and Physical Education, Science and Mathematics in Tasmania, he was soon appointed to a leadership role within the Tasmanian Department of Education at Kings Meadows High School.

      Michael’s first role in 2012, as a Grade Coordinator, soon led to his appointment as Head of Department for Physical Education and Director of Sport in 2015. During his tenure, he received both the departmental and teacher Tasmanian State Award for excellence awarded by the Tasmanian Australian Council for Health and Physical Education and Recreation. Prior to leaving for China in 2019, Michael was appointed in an acting position as Assistant Principal of Kings Meadows High School.

      Michael’s drive and commitment to best practice pedagogy has grown through his strong connection with sport, particularly as a cyclist and triathlete. Previously he has ridden professionally for the Tasmanian State Cycling Team and raced as part of the Australian National Road series, while spending time racing internationally for a number of years.

      Michael is a passionate educator with motivation and commitment to best practice pedagogy while recognizing the importance of co-curricular opportunities for all students. He values collaboration and building strong relationships with colleagues and the wider school community. As a previous representative of Curriculum Services Tasmania and as a lead teacher in the Tasmanian Government Respectful Schools Positive School Culture initiative, Michael has a strong grasp of curriculum development, whole school improvement and providing exposure to wider curriculum opportunities for all students.

    • Cindy JiangHead of Boarding

      Head of Boarding

      Cindy Jiang

      Ms. Cindy Jiang, who has been engaged in education for more than 20 years, has rich experience in education, teaching, and school management. She served successively as vice principal of junior high school, director of personnel section in education bureau, director of discipline inspection office, secretary of the party committee of a four-star high school, member of Wuxi new union, vice president of Xishan district new union, president of Xishan district Dongbeitang new union.

      Ms. Cindy Jiang insists on carrying out the concept of “conscience, responsibility and skill” in her work and life. “love and responsibility” are always in the first place. She actively assumes the responsibility of educating students. Diligent in practice and persevering in pursuit of excellence, she constantly broadens her international vision, and actively engages in exploring and practicing the Chinese and Western integration pastoral care system.

      Ms. Cindy Jiang, who is keen on international education, has firmly and deeply felt the connotation of international education: Real international education does not depend on where the students are, but lies in the content they have learned, the methods they have understood, and the correct value. And these are what DSAS actively puts into practice in cultivating students.

      DSAS undertakes a glorious mission. Working in DSAS allows Ms. Jiang to have a more intuitive and profound perception of the charm of international education. The school attaches more importance to the general education based on “whole-person education” and a global perspective. School also pays attention to cultivating students’ innovative spirit and critical thinking based on “international perspective”, the pursuit of “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude”, training students’ sustainable development, and continuous pursuit of happiness…… DSAS put students on the world level, so that they stand higher and far-looking, increasingly in line with the talent needs of global competition.

      In her spare time, Ms. Jiang prefers reading. She is an expert lecturer appointed by Wuxi Federation of Trade Unions and a public reading promoter. She has been practicing reading promotion for a long time. Ms. Jiang also spent a lot of time on in-depth study and research of adolescent psychology and devoted herself to the research and practice of family education.

    • Mark LeeHead of Expressive Arts and Music

      Head of Expressive Arts and Music

      Mark Lee

      Originally from Leicestershire, England, Mark Lee is classically trained on the piano, achieving Grades 1-8 (distinction). He was awarded the Guildhall School of Music and Drama certificate of performance in 2001. At university Mark chose to study jazz piano for three years whilst studying his undergraduate degree. After graduating, he embarked on a highly successful career as a session musician, performing both solo and in ensembles as a pianist and vocalist.

      After being awarded a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in popular music and recording, Mark studied for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has continued his professional development throughout his teaching career and successfully completed the nationally recognised Middle Leadership and Development Programme and the Adding Leadership Value course from The National College.

      Mark is an experienced teacher who draws on his education and session musician background. He has more than 10 years’ teaching and leadership experience, including holding posts as head of music and head of performing arts in previous roles. He has also worked in top performing specialist colleges and schools, including a post-16 college that was in the top 10 in England for results and progress.

      Mark believes that students should celebrate their diversity and be encouraged to follow their own paths. He believes firmly in leading by example and has high expectations of himself and his students. He is passionate about not just creating a supportive learning environment, but one where students can build confidence and learn to develop resilience, creativity and high aspirations. Being familiar with King’s College School, Wimbledon, Mark understands its world-class reputation and ethos and is excited to be joining such a distinguished establishment in world education.

      As part of an extensive co-curricular programme, the music department offers more than 15 CCAs, including instrumental lessons, orchestra, choir, piano club, samba band, guitar group, music theory and many more. As head of expressive arts, Mark uses his extensive experience in performing and musical directing to work and support the art and drama departments to produce full-scale exhibitions, musical productions, events and galas. As a successful junior track athlete and footballer during school and college, Mark enjoys playing football and going skiing, as well as travelling and experiencing different countries and cultures.

    • Tim MaloneDirector of Sport

      Director of Sport

      Tim Malone

      Tim Malone was educated at Wells Cathedral School, one of the oldest independent schools in the UK. He went on to obtain a degree in Applied Social Sciences from the University of Lancaster before completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of East Anglia. He is a highly experienced practioner with over 20 years’ teaching experience. Having already successfully led the sports departments at Town Close House and Langley School in the UK, he promotes physical and mental wellbeing through sport and exercise and he has a strong track record of success in national schools’ competitions.

      Believing in a growth mindset philosophy he believes in placing the student at the very centre of the learning experience and encouraging them to achieve through embracing and enjoying challenge, rather than accepting predetermined expectations of their abilities.

      Tim has a real passion for rugby. He has over 10 years’ experience playing in the National Leagues and has played in Australia, South Africa as well as in the UK. He is a Level 3 coach and has worked with Premiership Champions Leicester Tigers for 20 years developing young players into their Academy set up and has worked as lead coach in the England U16 programme.

    • Philip J. OosthuizenHead of Drama

      Head of Drama

      Philip J. Oosthuizen

      Philip J. Oosthuizen completed his baccalaureus technologiae in drama in 2013 at the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa. Parallel to his undergraduate studies, he completed his teaching licentiate at the Speech and Drama College of South Africa. In 2013, he formed part of the Standard Bank Ovation award-winning production, Breathing In, written by acclaimed South African writer, Reza de Wet, at the National Arts Festival in South Africa.

      He obtained his Postgraduate Certificate in International Education from the University of Nottingham in 2017 and is currently enrolled on a masters in educational leadership and management with the same institution.

      Philip has more than seven years’ teaching experience, with the last four spent in China, where he has won three outstanding teacher awards and served for two years as the chapter director of the Educational Theatre Association of China. He also represented China at Simon Fraser University’s TEDx conference in Vancouver, Canada, speaking about why he believes drama education should be mandatory in all schools.

    • Magdi ElsayedHead of ICT

      Head of ICT

      Magdi Elsayed

      Mr Elsayed hails from the UK and joined us in our first year of operation. He has 10 years of teaching experience, having taught at international schools in Egypt, England, and China. He teaches Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Primary and Secondary school sections, and also consults with our teachers on integrating the use of technology in their classrooms. After pursuing a successful career in the IT industry, focusing on website and database development, Mr Elsayed entered the teaching field with real-world experience of how IT is used in industry. He teaches a subject he is passionate about and loves to pass on practical skills to his students.
      Mr Elsayed’s teaching philosophy revolves around building strong and friendly relationships with his students. He believes in the power of persuasion and aims to be a facilitator who encourages students to understand the relevance of ICT and how it is embedded in so many aspects of modern life. After several years with us, he is still excited to be a member of the Wuxi Dipont School for Arts and Science team. He views it as an opportunity to teach at a great school which equips students with the skills they need, and shapes their attitudes towards not only learning but also understanding how the lessons they learn are relevant to their lives. Mr Elsayed’s main interests are computing and sport. He also supports technology-related co-curricular activities, such as our 3D printing CCA program.

    • Ranee ZhangHead of Chinese

      Head of Chinese

      Ranee Zhang

      Xuefang Zhang has 12 years of teaching experience. She is an enthusiastic teacher with a unique teaching style and a strong affinity with children and sense of innovation. She has worked in public schools for four years, taught graduating classes, participated in examination invigilation and is familiar with the Chinese domestic curriculum. In 2013, she moved into international education and has served as an IB essay instructor and a school debate team instructor. She specialises in the design of Chinese native and non-native language courses. For nearly six years, she has focused on the teaching of IGCSE Chinese courses and IBDP Chinese language and literature A courses. In the May 2019 IGCSE examinations, 100% of her students gained ‘A’ grades.
      Since joining DSAS, Ms. Zhang has coordinated teachers from various departments to participate in the school’s International Day activities. She has also led the formation of the DSAS Xinghai Literature Society, prepared student essays, established the Chinese culture class research and development team, and optimised teaching and research.
      Ms. Zhang often tells children: “Be sure to know where you are going, for that is where your heart is going, but also know where you come from, for that is the soil where you are rooted.” She firmly believes that only by learning Chinese, can we better spread Chinese culture and speak for China in the new era.

    • Oswald MasonHead of Science

      Head of Science

      Oswald Mason

      Mr Oswald Mason graduated from Queens University of Belfast with a PhD in Veterinary Microbiology and a BSc in Food Microbiology. He has over 15 years’ experience teaching in Asia. Oswald started his working career working as a research scientist developing novel veterinary pharmaceutical products. After this he was the technical manager in a food testing company where he oversaw the day to day running of a laboratory.
      Oswald started off his teaching career as an ESL teacher in South Korea before moving to Nepal and eventually China, it was then that he obtained his teaching qualification from the University of Sunderland. He has been teaching Science/Biology for 8 years both in China and Malaysia. Oswald’s teaching philosophy in his own words is ‘I like to create an environment in the classroom that allows for supervised exploration as I believe this to be the most effective way for students to learn in science. I try to create real life situations and always make science realistic for the students to help them understand difficult concepts. I encourage learning by creating a relaxed atmosphere where the students feel free to ask questions and have discussions. I treat subject matter as interconnected, emphasising that everything students are learning fits together into a holistic understanding of the world, from which they develop their personal worldview’. Outside of work Oswald likes traveling to new places, reading and cooking.

    • Dawn LeeHead of Visual Art

      Head of Visual Art

      Dawn Lee

      Dawn Lee, Head of Art, has been working at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science since its foundation in 2018. With over 14 year’s teaching experience, she spent eleven years working in Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ schools the UK, and has most recently spent three years teaching in China. Dawn gained her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

      During her career in teaching, she has shown extensive leadership qualities, leading three departments during her time in the UK. Dawn continues to add significant value to the quality of whole school programmes, schemes, initiatives and curriculum development. She is proud of her work coordinating the delivery of whole school initiatives that built a sense of community, boosted confidence and strengthened artistic ability of students. These include the 2020 Art Mural Project, Portrait Artist of the Year 2020, four annual house school Art Exhibitions and the Wuxi City Art Mural in 2018.

      With a passion for continuous improvement, Dawn will lead the development of integrating a variety of International and Chinese Art techniques for a complete holistic, yet challenging and engaging learning experience. She is passionate about working with Chinese and International students to create art that honours their traditions whilst deepening their understanding of other styles of modern and classical art.

    • Melissa El SombatiHead of Humanities

      Head of Humanities

      Melissa El Sombati

      Melissa El Sombati is a dedicated educator, originally from Waterloo, Canada. She has 11 years of teaching experience and worked in Canada, Egypt and China. Prior to joining Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science in 2019, she worked as an E-Learning Course Developer and online Entrepreneurship teacher for an international school based in Greece. She has teaching experience with AP, Canadian (Ontario) and IGCSE/A Level. Starting from August 2021, Melissa has been appointed as the Head of Humanities and Director of Teacher Trainee Development. She also teaches Business and Economics in the secondary school.

      Melissa obtained her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Global Studies/Anthropology from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2004. She then went on to complete a Master of Laws in International Law from the University of Kent. After pursuing a five year career in finance as an investment advisor, she switched paths to pursue her real passion: teaching business and economics. She gained her Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto and most recently earned her specialist qualifications in Special Education Needs and Primary Education from Queen’s University, Canada.

      Melissa firmly believes that students need to be empowered to self-advocate for themselves and their learning. Her students are exposed to real-life, relatable material that will inspire them to pursue their passions in life. Students will learn valuable, current skills that will prepare them for careers that may not yet exist. She hopes that some may also be motivated to be entrepreneurs and carve their own career paths. Being open-minded to new ways of learning is the key to success in her classes. The world around us is changing very rapidly, and Melissa feels that she gives her students a toolkit to successfully navigate unknown future changes and challenges.

      During CCA time, Melissa can be found in the pool. As a former competitive swimmer, swimming is her outlet, and it brings her much joy to teach younger children how to swim. Melissa also enjoys traveling, snorkelling, and dancing, especially with her husband and young daughter.

    • Adela RujanHead of Learning Support

      Head of Learning Support

      Adela Rujan

      Ms Adela Rujan is a passionate English teacher who is has been working at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science since its foundation in 2018. During these years, she has led several projects and teams in the school and has had roles like Head of English as an Additional Language, Head of English for the International School, Teacher Trainee Coordinator and Head of Learning Support. Ms Rujan is also a teacher trainer at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, where she has mentored over 30 experienced staff members in teaching English as a Second Language in their mainstream lessons through a Lexis Education course. Being trilingual in English, Spanish and her mother tongue, Romanian, Ms Rujan strongly believes that this linguistic background enables her to better understand the needs and difficulties that English language learners face when studying in a second language.

      With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish Languages and Literature, a Master’s in Intercultural Communication, advanced teaching qualifications and a National Award in SEN Coordination for the United Kingdom, Ms Rujan brings her vast experience in teaching learners of English as an additional language and in international education leadership. Previous to taking on this role, she had a senior leadership role in an American educational group in China and was an Adjunct Instructor for Syracuse University, having taught a university course in Presentational Speaking to Chinese high school students who were preparing to study in the United States. Before moving to China, Adela taught English as a Second Language in Spain, where she took care of the preparation of hundreds of Spanish students for success on Cambridge English exams.

      She is a passionate advocator for inclusion and wellbeing in our school and centres her work around the importance of allowing, supporting and guiding all students in accessing education and receiving any support that they might benefit from on this journey. Throughout her time at DSAS, Ms Adela Rujan has focused on enabling students to develop in areas that were posing challenges to their learning, but also on guiding their teachers to better meet their needs, and she works closely with students who need additional support in areas like literacy, language development and social-emotional regulation. Her strong belief is that every child can be a successful learner when their needs are catered for and she hopes to continue to make a difference in children’s educational journey through the Learning Support Center’s work.

    • Leo LiChinese Teacher

      Chinese Teacher

      Leo Li

      Leo Li graduated with a masters degree in education from Columbia University in United States. Before coming to Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, he worked as an instructional designer and Chinese teacher in the United Nations Headquarters, the New York Department of Social Service and public schools in China. Years of overseas study and work experience has enabled him to explore the unique pedagogy of Chinese teaching in international schools.
      Leo believes that students should have a global vision while fully understanding their own culture; only when they understand their own language can they truly understand the world. He also expects his students could know how to think critically through reading and eventually becoming the talents needed in the 21st century.

    • Nancy SongScience Teacher / Xlite Programme Teacher

      Science Teacher / Xlite Programme Teacher

      Nancy Song

      Miss Nan Song is a bilingual science teacher graduated last year from the University of Oxford in BA Cells and System Biology with a upper second class. With a passion for teaching and a pursuit for continued personal development, she completed her initial teacher training, PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education) Secondary Science Biology at the University of Southampton, where she was qualified to teach secondary science in the UK. She is going to join Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science in September teaching secondary science and supporting Oxbridge applications.

      Prior to working at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science, Nan has worked with several leading organisations in China preparing students for Oxbridge applications in summer camps. The feedback from all students was positive and over half of her students last summer secured Oxbridge interviews in Biosciences and 1/3 received an Oxbridge offer, with the rest obtaining offers from G5 universities. Reflecting on these experiences, she learnt to challenge students whilst making the task possible by modelling, analysing exemplar answers and providing individual support. During her teacher training year, she taught students with challenging behaviours and special education needs at a state school in the UK. This experience strengthened her ability to adapt activities to support all and to communicate with students.

      Miss Song came to the UK to study GCSE and later A-levels at the age of 15 once she finished her middle school exams in China. Having experienced both the education systems in China and in the UK for a substantially period of time, she recognised the difference in approaches between the two and the challenges Chinese students face when they come to the UK for undergraduate. She believes in the importance of providing students with plenty opportunities to gradually build their confidence and resilience in independent learning, problem-solving, presentation and teamwork, the key skills that many Chinese students lack but are required for successful university-level learning. Therefore, she works to incorporate activities that develops these skills in lessons and extra-curricular activities. She aspires to provide a classroom where students feel safe to make mistakes, which they reflect and learn from instead of a classroom that demands perfection at the first instance. Outside teaching, Nan loves cooking, exploring best places for eating out, writing bullet journals, and trying different fitness activities (that she is not good at!).

    • Lei WangXlite Programme Competition Maths Tutor

      Xlite Programme Competition Maths Tutor

      Lei Wang

      Wang Lei graduated in 2015 with a PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering. Then he joined in Neuroscience and Intelligent Media Institute (NIMI), Communication University of China, worked as an assistant researcher, his research area is biological neural networks, focusing on understanding how the biological neural systems work through mathematical modellings. And until now, he has published more than 20 academic papers. From 2017 to now, he worked as AI algorithm expert and group leader in JD group and data science expert in Alibaba group, his works are focusing on applying mathematical approaches especially statistical methods to solve problems in real-world scenarios. Wang lei will join DSAS in August 2021, works as a math competition tutor. He expects to help students improve their math competition scores, but most importantly, he would like to help students form their own learning methods and feel the beauty of mathematics during their studies.

    • Lydia XuScience Teacher / Xlite Programme Teacher

      Science Teacher / Xlite Programme Teacher

      Lydia Xu

      After graduated from the University of Cambridge, Lydia started her career in the international education field as a teacher of Chemistry and Biology. She has teaching experience in international schools and training institutions, and well-placed to assist students with competitions and Cambridge interview preparation. Over the years, Lydia has had 11 students who received pre-admission from the University of Cambridge, and 9 students who won a Gold Medal in the Biology Olympiad (BBO). She has taught A-level Chemistry, A-level Biology, AP Biology, and IGCSE Science. She is looking forward to returning to her hometown, Wuxi, and joining DSAS. Lydia believes that during the process of teaching, the teacher is a helper, who assisting the students become independent learners.

      Lydia’s passion for Science originated during her three years of learning experience in the International Department at Wuxi No.1 Senior High School. Her teachers deeply affected her learning habits and mindset. Starting from largely relying on teachers and simply pursuing high grades, under the influence of her teachers, Lydia turned to mastering her own studies. As a result, Lydia developed a sense of admiration for her teachers and started to dream of becoming a teacher in the future. When she was in grade 12, Lydia’s Chemistry teacher who was from the UK introduced her the PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). Studying and completing the PGCE programme qualified her to teach various international curricula. That was when Lydia made up her mind to pass the PGCE and become a teacher.

      Through her determination, all of her internship experience during high school and college related to teaching. Because of her sound command of English (9 in IELTS listening and reading, 8.5 in speaking), Lydia had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant of TOEFL and IELTS at a training institution in Wuxi, even though she was a young high school student at the time. During the summer break of her freshman year, along with her English classmates, Lydia took a self-driving tour all over the England. During the tour, she performed Science experiments to local children and parents. In her sophomore and junior year, Lydia organised academic summer camps in Cambridge for Chinese middle and high school students.

      After graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Lydia joined a leading international school in China as a new teacher for PGCEi training. Over a period of 18 months, under the guidance of her PGCEi tutor, she was involved in independent teaching of three IGCSE science subjects, as well as A-level Chemistry, where she systematically learnt about pedagogical theory, classroom management methods, laboratory teaching methods and student care in practice.

      Lydia then joined a well-known training institution in China, mainly teaching Biology and Chemistry. This experience improved her teaching skills, research skills, Oxbridge interview coaching skills and competition coaching skills by leaps and bounds. In terms of teaching, after three years of polishing, she is able to understand students within 10 minutes in one-to-one lessons and serve them according to their needs. Lydia prepares verbatim scripts for each lesson and is always adjusting and optimising them to ensure high quality output, as every minute of students’ precious time should not be wasted. In terms of teaching and research, the biggest challenge was to design the Oxbridge interview tutorials and BBO competition lessons for Biochemistry, as there is no set syllabus. As a result, Lydia referred to many university textbooks and her previous university notebooks, in order to design lesson plans and assignments for her students. She felt particularly touched by the way students would say, “Ms Xu, the class we took really helped so much” and “it was enough to read Ms Xu’s notes to prepare for the exam”. One thing Lydia was particularly grateful for was that last year, when looking at the 2020 BBO list, she was particularly happy to find that six of the top 10 students in the country were her students (including the top one in the country). Lydia felt that all the teaching and research she had done over the years was worth it for the sake of her students’ success and happiness.

    • Roy HouMaths Teacher

      Maths Teacher

      Roy Hou

      Junfeng graduated in 2014 from University of Rochester with double bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Maths. Right after, he received the master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics in 2016 from the Ivy school University of Pennsylvania. During undergraduate, he participated in the Maths Competition which invited over 1000 students from over 70 universities in the US and ranked in the top 20 among all the participants. After graduating from UPenn, Junfeng came back to China and has been working in International teaching for over 5 years. Except the Maths teaching, like AP, ALevel, he is also good at tutoring all kinds of Math Competitions. In after-school activities, he likes water sports including swimming and kayaking. Junfeng insisted the student-oriented teaching philosophy and in the past few years, he helped students receive offers from great universities, like Harvard. Junfeng looks forward to helping students engage in Maths learning and receive the sense of achievements.

    • Irose HansenKindergarten Teacher

      Kindergarten Teacher

      Irose Hansen

      Irose graduated from university in 2003 earning a BA in English Literature. She completed postgraduate certification in Early Years Practice in 2009. In 2016 she was awarded a Master’s in Education. Recently Irose completed an International Post Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary teaching certification. She has taken part in other specialization training including Leadership Administration and Management, Montessori Teaching, Classroom Behaviour and Management, Teaching English Grammar and Special Needs Education. She has taught various class levels from Preschool to Gr. 5 in International schools including Indonesia 2 years, UK 12 years and most recently at another international school in China for 3 years. Irose is passionate about teaching young children and believes children have so much potentials that can be achieved in an engaging learning environment and through a holistic approach involving play-based, project-based and inquiry-based programmes. She considers each child to be a unique individual bursting with intense curiosity and highly motivated to achieve success through hands-on experiences. Irose developed the ECE Early Years programme at YWIS Rizhao and was lead teacher for 3 years. She joined DSAS Wuxi Kindergarten in August 2020.
      Irose has also mentored adult and children’s English, Maths, Reading and Writing. She led KG3 Little Scientist CCA activity first semester. Irose is pleased to be a member of the Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science faculty where she can fully utilize her teaching abilities.

    • Eva ChenKindergarten Teacher

      Kindergarten Teacher

      Eva Chen

      Eva Chen was born to be a teacher. She is smart, cheerful and lively. She likes children and has a real passion for early childhood education. She graduated from Jiangsu Normal University with a degree in pre-school education. After completing her degree, she joined Wuxi Experimental Kindergarten, where she started her education career. The school’s high standards and strict working environment enabled her to quickly grow professionally. She has written many academic papers on early childhood education and won awards in both provincial and municipal competitions.
      When DSAS was founded, Ms. Chen was attracted to the school’s multiculturalism and gave up her stable job to join the DSAS family. After working here for two years, she feels that the atmosphere and concept is completely different from traditional public schools. The small class sizes mean that the different learning needs of children can be met, while the open layout allows for children’s learning to take place in any corner of the kindergarten, instead of being limited to the classroom.

    • Anamarija BarbirKindergarten Teacher

      Kindergarten Teacher

      Anamarija Barbir

      Anamarija Barbir is an experienced early childhood educator who will be joining Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science as KG1 homeroom teacher. Coming from Croatia, where she graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2014, Anamarija earned her Bachelor degree and teaching qualification at the Faculty of Teacher Education, majoring in Early Childhood Education. With 5 years of experience in a variety of schools, and being familiar with a number of different curricula and educational philosophies such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, EYFS and IB (PYP), Anamarija believes that learning should be meaningful and engaging. Therefore, as a teacher she tends to provide various opportunities for hands-on experiences, as well as a nurturing environment which will foster children's natural curiosity.

      She is excited to join a diverse and collaborative community of learners at Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science where she aims to build strong relationships with children and their caregivers, as well as with school's wider community, in order to develop and nurture international mindedness. living out her dream to be a self-motivated lifelong learner, who constantly seeks opportunities for development and growth, Anamarija is currently studying for a Master Degree in International Education at the University of Dundee, with additional International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate in Leadership Practice.

      Being a parent of two kids, in her free time Anamarija enjoys cooking and exploring recipes as well as creating new ones with her daughter. Having witnessed the joy and creativity her own child finds during these messy activities, Anamarija will bring this experience to Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science by offering a baking class for our students as one of her co-curricular activities. Furthermore, reacting to astonishing amount of waste that humans generate, she aims to raise environmental awareness through leading a junk modelling class where she will work on developing children's creativity and fine motor skills.

    • Grace WuPrimary Homeroom Teacher

      Primary Homeroom Teacher

      Grace Wu

      Grace Wu is our Grade 3 curriculum coordinator of bilingual school. Grace Wu has 10 years international teaching experience with students’ age from 5-16 which is from kindergarten to middle school before entering DSAS. She is qualified as a secondary school mandarin teacher and has been trained as a IBPYP and IBMYP language teacher.
      Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, a good educator should not only impart knowledge to students, but also stimulate their interest in learning. Grace firmly believes that Wuxi Dipont School of Arts and Science will provide this platform for students to maximize their independent learning and critical thinking ability, which is the reason why she chooses to join the team.

    • Peter BohoveskyPrimary Homeroom Teacher

      Primary Homeroom Teacher

      Peter Bohovesky

      Peter Bohovesky has more than seven years’ experience as an international teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Science in education from Dominican College of Blauvelt, New York, and a masters in international education from Endicott College in Massachusetts, both in the United States. He is also licensed by the state of New York to teach general education for grades one to six.

      Prior to becoming a teacher, Peter worked as a professional sculptor/fabricator for stage productions and major department store displays. During his teaching career he has used these skills to bring something special to each school’s stage productions and after-school activities.

      His educational philosophy includes a belief in the effectiveness of the student-centred teaching practices he utilised during his years teaching the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP). He also believes that a school that is able to combine the best elements of all available systems can lead its students to unmatched achievement.

    • Joyce ZhuPrimary Maths Teacher

      Primary Maths Teacher

      Joyce Zhu

      Joyce Zhu has more than 5 years of bilingual mathematics teaching experience in an International School, as well as more than 3 years of experience in classroom management and tutor system. She achieved her master degree from Education Department of the university of Hong Kong in 2011 and her Bachelor degree from Nanjing normal university. With a Chinese senior mathematics teacher certificate, she is also a CAIE certificated teacher, IB MYP certificated teacher and an American innovation coach. Because of her rich experience in cross-grade teaching, she is able to effectively develop different teaching methods according to students’ characteristics, in order to help them to develop personalities and to guide their future directions.

      Her life credo is ‘Great efforts lie behind the seemingly effortless success’. As a result, she has been committed to create a student-centered, innovative, and multi-cultural class, in order to help students to be persevering innovators who think critically. She is very pleased to be able to make efforts to achieve the objectives in DSAS.

    • Howard MaPE Teacher

      PE Teacher

      Howard Ma

      Howard Ma, holds both the Master of sports sociology degree and Bachelor of physical education from East China Normal University. With 12 papers published on national level journals, he was awarded with multiple scholarships throughout his academic years.
      Having 7 years of international teaching experience, he started his teaching career in Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID), and has most recently been teaching in Wuxi for 3 years. In addition to teaching PE, he serves as a P4C (Philosophy for Children) facilitator with a level 2B certificate. Joining DSAS in 2019, Howard is ready to take his career to another level.

    • Rock XiaLearning Support Teacher

      Learning Support Teacher

      Rock Xia

      Mr. Rock Xia graduated in 2017 with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education and later completed a master’s degree in Special Education at Mercyhurst University. He is originally from Wuxi and just came back in 2020 to join our DSAS community. Because of Mr. Xia’s unique background of education, after one year of being a Grade 1 homeroom teacher, we are happy that he is willing to join our DSAS's SEN and Learning Support team to help students in need. Mr. Xia is responsible for setting Individualized Education Plans for students who need extra support in either academical, behavioral, social emotional or physical areas. Mr. Xia is also a proud member of Chinese Ultimate Frisbee Team and World Professional Disc Golf Association. He has been coaching Frisbee by providing the Ultimate Frisbee club through our CCA programs, and this year he is providing us with the Disc Sports Club to let the students experience more ways of playing frisbee.